Doce más Uno / Ángel Nieto

Behind every symbol there is a story. The 12+1 represents one of them, and will always be linked to the figure of Ángel Nieto and all the values he represents.
The legend of a champion

Ángel Nieto

Doce más uno / 12+1
12+1 is also the representation of his Motorcycling World Championship titles and the culmination of a whole life dedicated to what he was most passionate about and which led him to achieve 90 Grand Prix victories, 123 Spanish Motorcycling Championship victories and more than 300 victories throughout his sporting career.

But, above all, 12+1 is the story of a lifetime of dedication, sacrifice, audacity, courage and self-improvement of a self-made human being who will always remain in the collective memory. This collection evokes his great triumphs, the circuits where he won the most spectacular victories, his most competitive motorbikes and his helmet with the famous ones that propelled him to fly to the top.

Complete Collection of 12+1